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Creativity School

Sep 24, 2019

How can we begin to embrace vulnerability as our greatest strength, rather than a weakness? This week on Creativity School, I’m speaking to BJ Williams about breaking stigmas surrounding mental health and being vulnerable, particularly for black men in America who are 20% more likely to experience mental illness than the general population.

BJ is the creator of a video series called Can I Be Vulnerable?, which encourages black men to face and normalize their vulnerability and mental health. BJ talks about how the series got started completely unplanned, when he shared his own raw and vulnerable video talking about his background and going to therapy. As a result, many men began sharing their own stories and Can I Be Vulnerable? was born.

Listen to find out why destigmatizing mental health and speaking openly about the things that make us vulnerable is so important, and why it’s essential to learn healthy emotional intelligence. BJ also shares how he deals with negativity online, and how a lack of resources can lead to great creativity and innovation. Listen to feel inspired and embrace your own vulnerability as a superpower!


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Mentioned in this episode:

  • What happened after BJ shared a video of himself being extremely raw and vulnerable

  • Dealing with negativity online especially when what you make is so personal and raw

  • Deciphering constructive criticism vs trash talking

  • Breaking generational curses and learning healthy emotional intelligence

  • The importance of embracing vulnerability and emotional intelligence

  • How a lack of resources allows for great creativity

  • BJ’s advice on how to get started on your own creative project




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