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Creativity School

Oct 8, 2019

We’re often told to find our zone of genius and hone in on one area of expertise, but what if you have more than one creative calling? Can you still be successful with your creative talents when everyone else is niching down?

This week on Creativity School, D’Ana Joi Spencer, multi-passionate creative extraordinare, is here to tell us why we should celebrate having multiple creative talents and fully own all of them. If you’re naturally curious, interested, and talented at a lot of different things, why should you have to choose?

D’Ana walks us through how to focus and stay productive when you have multiple creative passions, how to manage all your projects without burning out, and how to pivot through your gifts without judgement or shame. She also shares how to grow your confidence in owning all your amazing talents and gifts. If you're a multi-passionate creative and need tools for how to navigate life while creating all the things that excite you, this episode is for you!


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Mentioned in this episode:

  • Why you don’t have to niche down and choose just one topic of expertise to be successful

  • How to know when to stick with a creative project or pivot

  • Why you shouldn’t feel shame or guilt about letting go of a creative passion

  • How to focus on multiple creative passions without burning out

  • Why its important to say no to yourself and not be tempted by shiny object syndrome

  • How to prioritize your creative projects and know which one to put more energy into – Download D’ana’s free Finding Focus Workbook

  • How to start growing your confidence in owning all of your talents and gifts

  • Creativity School #33 - Discover Your Unique Purpose with Human Design




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