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Creativity School

Mar 29, 2022

I’m so excited to have Office Hours on Creativity School this season! Office Hours will feature real conversations I have with you, the listener, where you have the opportunity to get some 1:1 creative coaching so you can breakthrough the beliefs holding you back from living your most authentic and aligned creative life.

This week, I have a conversation with Courtney who is a freelance producer for print work, commercials, reality television, and documentary films. What she really wants to do is explore stepping back from a career in production that she’s built over the last decade and focus on writing and producing her own projects. Courtney finds herself finding that a lot of her projects stay in her head and don’t get turned into anything more. We talk about the blocks in the way that are preventing her from getting her ideas out onto paper, how her amazing analytical producer mind is hindering her writing process, and how to start quieting the overthinking mind so creativity can flow with more freedom. 


Thank you so much for listening.

If you're interested in being on an Office Hours episode with me for some 1:1 creative coaching so you can start manifesting your wildest creative dreams, fill out this form.



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