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Creativity School

Apr 19, 2022

This week’s episode is an inspiring interview with Cathy Zhang, founder of Easy Sunday Club and "the analytical MBA turned artist." Easy Sunday Club is a product based brand that features her whimsical watercolor art. Cathy is an incredibly prolific artist who has figured out multiple income streams to generate revenue with her art.

Incredibly, Cathy is completely self taught and has only been painting for 6 years! She didn't even consider herself a creative until she started painting. She holds an MBA in business and was working the corporate life until she quit her job to create the life that she has now as an artist and entrepreneur.

We dig into ALL the things on how to turn your creative daydream into reality -  topics like what it took for her to quit her corporate job, how to build a business from the ground up, how to develop confidence in your creative skills, how to balance what you want to make versus what the market wants you to make, why it’s so important to define success on your own terms, and SO MUCH MORE. If you’re looking for some practical tips on how to turn your creative daydream into reality, this episode is for you.

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