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Creativity School

Apr 26, 2022

I’m so excited to have Office Hours on Creativity School this season! Office Hours will feature real conversations I have with you, the listener, where you have the opportunity to get some 1:1 creative coaching so you can breakthrough the beliefs holding you back from living your most authentic and aligned creative life.

On today’s episode, listener Jeni says she started life feeling creative, but somewhere along the way her creative desires got put away due to self doubt and imposter syndrome. Jeni describes the feeling as her creativity staying safely sleeping while she’s a quiet observer on the sidelines, watching others out there create their work. Jeni was looking for coaching on how to get unstuck so she can make the work deep inside of her that is longing to be made. 

We talk about what to do when we feel triggered by others that are out there accomplishing their creative goals, how growth and change usually involve doing uncomfortable things, and why it’s necessary to stop the cycle of judging and shaming ourselves when we’re having feelings. We also discuss how cultivating self compassion is the antidote to overcoming self doubt, and how making small and consistent baby steps is the best way to move toward our creative goals .


Thank you so much for listening.

If you're interested in being on an Office Hours episode with me for some 1:1 creative coaching so you can start manifesting your wildest creative dreams, fill out this form.



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