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Creativity School

May 17, 2022

How can you find your unique creative magic and create a career that aligns with everything you love to do?

Our guest this week is Azhelle Wade, a talented toy inventor. (What a cool job, right?) Azhelle worked in the toy industry for 10 years at companies like Toys R Us and Madame Alexander, eventually becoming a VP at a toy company. She’s now the host of the Toy Coach Podcast and the founder of Toy Creators Academy, a program that teaches people with no knowledge of the toy industry how to get their own toy and game ideas to market.

Azhelle talks all about how she found her way into the toy industry, what motivated her to quit her corporate job to become the Toy Coach, and the highs and lows of creative entrepreneurship. Azhelle also shares with us her “Puzzle of You” concept - how she found her unique creative career by bringing together different pieces of her life, figured out how they all fit together, and then assembled them into something meaningful not just for herself but for others.

As Azhelle says, “You don't have to be an expert at everything. You just have to be an expert on the life that you choose to lead.” Listen this week to hear more inspirational nuggets of wisdom on how to find your own creative magic just by being you!


Learn more about Azhelle - Instagram | Toy Creator’s Academy


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