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Creativity School

Mar 4, 2019

Nathalie Basha is a Webby nominated travel journalist with a passion for telling stories about the intersection between people, culture and fascinating places. She shoots, writes, edits, and reports on her stories both at home in LA and around the world on assignment. Basically, she has a dream career! And her pieces regularly go viral, getting millions upon millions of views per story. One video alone has more than 70 MILLION views and counting!

If you're interested at all in being a content creator, learning how to create stories that connect with people, and learning how to make things that resonate with an audience, this is a must listen episode.

I love this conversation, because we learn all about Nathalie's journey to working in such an incredible career, with stops along the way as an entertainment news reporter, features news reporter, and the surprising part time job she picked up to support herself when she quit TV news without a plan and decided to go full force with her YouTube channel The Travel Muse.

Nathalie shares why it’s so important to create roles and opportunities for yourself, why we have to purposefully conquer our fears, and how to manifest the exact dream career and life that you want.

We also talk about going viral - why she thinks her work connects with such a massive audience, and her advice on creating work with the intent of going viral.


Mentioned in this episode:

  • How Nathalie burned out of TV news, quit without a plan, and started her YouTube channel The Travel Muse

  • How she developed The Travel Muse over 3 years, without generating any income, and took a part time job to pay the bills

  • Why it’s so important to create the opportunity for yourself and take the initiative if you want something to happen

  • How Nathalie finds the stories she reports on and why she is interested in telling the stories of the people that make the places she travels to special

  • Why feeling nervous is a good thing

  • How she has had countless videos go viral

  • Nathalie’s advice on approaching content creation with the intent of going viral

  • How Nathalie and her fiancé Dr. Evan Antin both manifested their dream careers

  • How to get started in telling stories through video like Nathalie


Nathalie’s videos mentioned in this episode:



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