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Creativity School

Apr 1, 2019

Have you ever dreamed of monetizing a hobby and turning it into a successful career? It’s entirely possible, and on this week’s episode of Creativity School our guest Kyndra Holley is here to tell us exactly how she did it.

Kyndra is an international bestselling cookbook author, and the powerhouse behind Peace, Love and Low Carb, a massively popular food blog that gets 4 million page views a month. She started her blog back in 2011 simply as a hobby to lose weight, using a first generation iPhone. Kyndra eventually quit her day job in the restaurant business to focus on monetizing her blog. And now 8 years later, she’s supporting her family with a food empire that spans Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and 6 traditionally published cookbooks.

Kyndra doesn’t hold back in this conversation, and shares everything from the steps she took to monetize her blog, to how she kept going even though things got really dark and hard in the early days of her business. We also talk about how she deals with viscous online trolls, how to overcome anxiety and fear, and why gratitude and abundance mindset is crucial to our overall health and wellness.

Tune in next week as we continue our conversation about how Kyndra self published her first cookbooks, her experience getting published with traditional publishers, how to have a long term, sustainable business and much, much more.


Mentioned in this episode:

  • Why Kyndra embraces vulnerability and how it creates connection with her readers

  • Why she treated food blogging like a career even though it was a hobby

  • How she ultimately quit her day job to focus on food blogging even though it wasn’t bringing in any income

  • Why she says gratitude is essential

  • How being real and authentic on social media has created connection, community and grown her Instagram following

  • How our emotions and deep inner worlds affect our creativity and the work we make

  • Abundance mindset and how it affects her creativity and business



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