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Creativity School

May 27, 2019

The dictionary defines success as “attaining wealth, prosperity and fame”. Oftentimes, the more achievements we can accomplish and the more money we make, the more successful we feel. But being on this never ending hamster wheel of chasing external validation and accomplishment can leave us burned out and feeling unfulfilled. Is our creativity only meaningful when it receives attention and accolades? Of course not! So how do we begin to reimagine what success really is, so we can live a life of more meaning and purpose?

Today’s guest Anna S. E. Lundberg is a success coach, business strategist and founder of One Step Outside. Anna is passionate about inspiring and supporting others to reimagine what personal success means so we can have businesses we love and live with more freedom and fulfillment. We talk about how to overcome fear and take “one step outside” to start the process of redefining success, and how to discover what personal success is to us so we can find more meaning in the lives we live and the work we make.


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Mentioned in this episode:

  • Overcoming fear and taking just one step outside your comfort zone to begin to redefine success

  • The importance of reimagining success beyond external validation, achievement and accomplishment

  • How to discover and redefine what personal success means to us

  • How to find work life integration through the 5 L’s – Live, Love, Learn, Lead and Laugh



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