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Creativity School

Jun 24, 2019

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is one of the best ways for getting our creative work out into the world. But it can be so overwhelming, time consuming, and yet another thing to do when we’re already so busy! How can we make social media simple and fun and use it to actually grow our following?

On this week’s episode of Creativity School, I talk to social media strategist Andrea Jones. Andrea loves to help people build profitable communities online through simple solutions, and she’s also the host of the Savvy Social Podcast. She’s here to answer ALL THE QUESTIONS, and do I mean all the questions. We talk about it all - like what kinds of posts perform best (photos of ourselves? product shots? graphics? personal posts?), how much time we *actually* need to spend on our accounts to be effective, and how to make this whole thing simple and easy. Andrea also shares how to beat Instagram’s algorithms and authentically increase engagement, and she also answers a ton of listener questions. This episode is packed full of great information and you won’t want to miss it if you want to build your social platforms.


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Mentioned in this episode:

  • How much time you REALLY need to spend on social media to make it work for you

  • Which social platform to start with

  • Why social media is like dating and how to use Instagram to meet new people to connect with using hashtags and using Gary Vee’s $1.80 strategy

  • How to increase engagement and beat Instagram’s algorithms



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  • Social Report



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