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Creativity School

Oct 15, 2019

With so much content out there, how can we create brand messaging that actually stands out in a memorable way and reach the right audience for our creative business?

This week on Creativity School, Rachael Kay Albers is here to teach us how to create epic, unforgettable brand messaging and content through humor, connection, and fun! Rachael is a Creative Director and Lead Designer at RKA Ink, and the host of her business sketch comedy show Awkward Marketing. Rachael uses comedy and characters like Brad the Braggy Bro and Carie the Copycat to teach small business owners how NOT to approach their content and marketing.

Rachael shares with us the 5 Marketing Archetypes that can make people feel icky and awkward, and how to start identifying the brand values you want to share by first identifying the ones that make you feel blech. She also shares why it’s SO important to create content as a small business owner, why entertaining your audience through your messaging is the holy grail of content, and why we should bring lightness and fun into our message. If you want to learn how to create brand messaging and content that stands out, this episode is for you!


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Mentioned in this episode:

  •  How Rachael’s business sketch comedy show Awkward Marketing got started

  • How to bring humor into your brand without trying to be laugh out loud funny

  • How to discover your brand values by by tapping into the things you are NOT about

  • How to find your arch nemesis and turn it into your superpower

  • Why it’s important to create content for your business





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