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Creativity School

Jun 28, 2022

How can you find the courage to believe in your work and keep going with it, despite all the obstacles and rejections that come your way?

Our guest this week is Crystal Z. Lee, a Taiwanese American bilingual author. Crystal shares her inspiring story of how she went from working in the corporate world to becoming an award winning author despite facing nearly 100 rejections on her journey to being published. Crystal says she always knew deep down since childhood that she wanted to be a writer, but never had the courage to pursue it until later in her life after working in Public Relations for a decade and becoming a mom.

Crystal talks all about her journey to finally finding the courage to write, how she handled her negative self talk when she received nearly 100 rejections while pitching her manuscript to publishers, to ultimately becoming an award winning author of books with beloved readers all over the world! Her novel Love and Other Moods has been a finalist in multiple book awards and received a Gold Award, and her children’s book A Unicorn Named Rin was listed in the "Top 120 picture books to add to your kids' reading list in 2021" by

She also shares with us the importance of knowing who you are as a creator, staying true to your vision, and why she walked away from 2 publishers when she knew it wasn’t the right fit for her book.

If you’re someone that struggles with finding the time for your creativity, or want some inspiration on how to keep going when it feels like the world keeps telling you “No!”, this episode is for you.

Thank you so much for listening.

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