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Creativity School

Aug 3, 2022

How much expansion could be possible in your life if you allowed yourself to stay open to new opportunities (even if you feel completely unqualified) and just said YES?

This week on Creativity School I’m talking to my good friend and creative powerhouse Sonya Sanford. Sonya is a multi-passionate creative and a chef, food stylist, food writer, and screenwriter for television and film - all while being completely self taught. She shares her story of how she got started in her various careers by consistently allowing her curiosity to lead, and saying yes to new opportunities when she had no experience. We talk about how a near death experience made Sonya realize “life is too short to be crying in a parking lot every day doing something you hate” and why it’s so important to do what you love. Sonya also shares what she learned from the failure of having her beloved restaurant close down, and how she balances all her creative interests and passions. Sonya’s inspiring journey shows the magic of what can happen if you stay open, say YES, and allow life to unfold in the most unpredictable and delicious way!


Thank you so much for listening.

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