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Creativity School

Sep 12, 2022

Why does sharing our authentic gifts and talents with others oftentimes feel so scary? And what could be possible if we all had the courage to let them out and allow them to shine, even if we feel afraid?

This week on Creativity School I’m talking to Sofia Araya, an international spiritual life coach, teacher, and Akashic Records Reader. Sofia shares her story of how she transitioned from a career in interior design to one that has allowed her very unique gifts to develop and shine. We talk about how Sofia kept following her desires and the things she felt called to explore, ultimately creating an entirely new path and career for herself. She also shares about the importance of being self aware of what’s holding you back from sharing your gifts and why it’s important to work with your triggers instead of avoiding them.

Sofia’s inspiring journey shows us what can happen if you courageously share your gifts with others, especially as you see triggers as an opportunity to heal and move forward in your life mission!

I also share a little bit about what I’ve been up to, and some new ways of working together so you can heal your triggers and move forward with creating your best life! If you’re interested in booking at Akashic Record Reading with me, here’s how.


Thank you so much for listening.

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