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Creativity School

Sep 16, 2019

This week on Creativity School, my guest Monica Lo and I have an open minded discussion about cannabis and it’s incredible power as a wellness tool for maximizing your creativity and promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Monica is a photographer and creative director working to change the public perception of cannabis users. She’s also the creator of Sous Weed®, a blog dedicated to using cannabis as a superfood ingredient as opposed to merely a psychoactive additive. Our conversation is all about normalizing and destigmatizing cannabis, and how to use it for more than recreational purposes.

I ask her ALL the questions in this episode, like the difference between indica and sativa, how to use cannabis for productivity and creativity, how cannabis can aid in your physical healing and spiritual growth, and more! Whether you’re canna-curious, ready to come out of the canna-closet, or a bonafide canna-lover, you’ll learn so much in this conversation!


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Mentioned in this episode:

  • The history of cannabis in traditional Chinese Medicine and how it dates back 3,000 years

  • How a back injury led Monica down the path of learning about cannabis as a healing and wellness tool

  • How healing herself led Monica onto a whole new career path

  • Using cannabis to cultivate your creativity

  • The difference between indica, sativa and hybrid

  • Edibles vs smoking

  • Physical, emotional, and spiritual healing using cannabis

  • Are certain people more suited for cannabis?




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