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Creativity School

Jun 17, 2019

This week’s episode of Creativity School is all about imposter syndrome, and it’s a deeply personal one because it’s something I’ve struggled with EVERY step of the way on my creative journey from studying biology to becoming an art director in the ad industry, to commercial photography, and now as a podcaster.

We talk a lot on the show about how we need to do our best work on the inside, so we can create our best work on the outside. And imposter syndrome is a major one to tackle because no matter how long you’ve been a creative it never goes away. So how can we move past this huge block to our creativity when everything inside of us is screaming about how inadequate we are? This week I share 3 ways to help overcome the dreaded imposter syndrome when you feel crippling self doubt and feel like you’re a total fraud and a failure.


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