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Creativity School

Sep 9, 2019

What if you have a burning desire to make something that you need to see exist in the world, but you don’t have any experience and the thought of creating it terrifies the crap out of you? Do you run away or do you answer the call?

My guest Jane Gahng decided to confront all her fears, and make it anyway! Jane is an illustrator and lettering artist, and she shares her story about how she saw a need for an in-person conference celebrating Asian American/ Pacific Islander women and despite her fears, insecurities and lack of experience, decided to create it herself.

We talk about the process of making something massive in scale and completely beyond your comfort zone, and why Jane felt it was so important to push beyond her fears and create a community for people to feel represented, included and empowered. Jane also shares the visualization techniques she uses to overcome her self doubt and gets back up when she feels knocked down, and how this experience has grown her belief in herself and what she’s capable of. Listen to feel inspired and push past your own blocks to make what is calling you to be made!


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Mentioned in this episode:

  • The importance of pivoting and evolving

  • The process of making something massive in scale and completely beyond your comfort zone

  • How to overcome self doubt through the power of visualization

  • Manifesting what you want by focusing on the feeling you want

  • How to achieve your goals by asking for help

  • How to keep yourself accountable when you’re scared by sharing what you’re doing with others

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